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25 November 1944
A series of 6 photos showing the attack and death of a Kamikaze.
The Large Cruiser USS Alaska CB-1 is in the foreground. Kamikaze is in the background with intent to ram the carrier USS Intrepid CV-11.
The Task Group 38.2 consisted of 4 carriers, the Intrepid, USS Hancock
CV-19, USS Cabot CVL-28, and the USS Independence CVL-22. Independence is the only one which did not sustain Kamikaze damage.

Damage to Intrepid and Cabot was extensive, and less so to the Hancock. Cabot took a deadly hit on her port quarter at catwalk level. Most of her Marine contingent was wiped out.
This is an eyewitness account by shipmate Don Labudde.
Photos as viewed from the Independence by Fred Owen.


Kamikaze bypasses USS Alaska, takes aim at USS Intrepid. Note shell bursts in air and water.
Kamikaze catches fire, presses attack.
Kamikaze continues suicide attack.
Kamikaze explodes.
Intrepid burns.

Nov 20, 1943
USS Independence propeller shaft visible after torpedo attack at Tarawa Atoll.
June 22, 1944

Combat Information Center. Better known as CIC room.
June 22, 1944

Air Plot Section of CIC room. Dead Reckoning Tracer (DRT) in left foreground.
June 22, 1944

CIC aft outboard view, DRT in center.


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