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June 16, 1944

2 F6F Hellcats being readied for catapult.
April 17, 1943

F6F Hellcat makes good landing. Tailhook has caught arresting cable.

Courtesy Ed Schultz,  Photographer H C Rector Pho. M 1/c


Photo taken aboard USS Enterprise CV 6, F6F taking off. Early morning high humidity produces vapor trail at tip of propeller.
Domain of Neptunus Rex.

Courtesy George Albert Bopko.
F6F Hellcat misses arresting cables, rams barrier cables, flipped upside down, belly gasoline tank ruptured and caught fire. Empennage rests near captains chair. Pilot is saved.
F6F Hellcat bad landing. Tail hook caught arresting gear, plane veered to left across catwalk, into water, plane being drug by tail hook. As this photo was taken a rope was thrown to pilot. Shortly afterward, pilot was saved, tail hook broke loose, plane sank.
Oct 1945

Kaisers band on dock at Portland, OR, welcoming troops home.
Oct 1945

Families and friends on dock at Portland, OR, waiting for veterans from the Pacific to disembark from the USS Independence CVL 22.
August 1945

Victory Parade by over 1000 planes from US carriers at the end of WWII.
Flash gear worn by sailors when at General Quarters ( battle alert ). Theory was if bomb exploded in next compartment, explosion blew hatch open, ball of fire went through your compartment, flash gear would keep fire off your body, you could help fight fire and save ship.


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