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"Last list Starboard gun tubs of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Independence (CVL-22) etched against the Pacific sky as she starts her death throes off the Central California coast. The bow is nearest camera (left). She sank after a weapons test Friday morning. The "Mighty I" was a veteran of two years of war in the Pacific and a target ship in the Bikini atomic bomb tests. (Official Navy photo)."

Photo Courtesy of Al Hiegel.


We would like to thank Navsource for permission to use their photographs of the USS Independence CVL-22. (above photos)


The following pictures are from the Al Hiegel Collection.

Barge tied along side, March 16, 1943
The 5" guns were causing too much strain on the bow and also stern. Both were removed and replaced with quad mount 40 MM guns on return from shakedown cruise.

Stern view underway.
Taken from the USS Sigsbee DD502
Fletcher class destroyer, April 30, 1943.

Oct, 1943
Task Group Formation, Battleships first joined our operations during the 2 day attack on Wake Island.


Battle scene, this is why the Navy hired us.
November, 1943
Battle scene of attack on Task Group at Rabaul, New Britton as seen from CVL 22.

Oct 5, 1943
Wake Island under attack. . .
During 2 days of attacking, more than 800 sorties were carried out by our fleet. 400 tons of projectiles deposited on the island by bombardment, and over 300 tons by aircraft. Destroyed were: barracks, administration buildings, power plants, water distillation plants, gun emplacements, runways, etc. At least 60 aircraft, 30 of which were in the air, were destroyed. We lost 13 planes in this operation.

Courtesy Vincent Hunt.

April 16, 1943
Twin 40 MM guns
Lunch time in the gun bucket
April 16, 1943
Busy gun buckets and catwalk.
Note one 40 MM in recoil.


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