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April 30, 1943
Firing 40 MM twin mount anti-aircraft guns.
Note starboard  gun in recoil.
April 16, 1943
Catwalk showing 40 MM gun crews. Gun mounts # 3 and #5.
"Dry run" not at General quarters; no helmets or life jackets; no shells visible.

Taking on stores or mail??
Could be gedunk merchandise (sodas, ice cream, candy, etc).
May have been more Spam, or New Zealand ox meat. This hind quarter meat was wrapped in gunny sack material. We ate a lot of it in those days, much of it was spread on a "shingle "(toast). Pretty good when you are hungry.

Ships Officers:

Capt N. M. Kindell USN Commanding Officer
Commander D. F. Smith Jr, USN, Executive officer
Lt Commander J. H. Arnold, USN, Air officer
Japanese flags on superstructure depict 113 planes shot down, 11 ships sunk.

Our second Skipper Capt R. L. Johnson.  

April 1, 1943
Refueling USS Mayo DD 422.

Oct 11, 1944
Refueling from tanker USS Mississineaw AO 59 in heavy seas. A near side swipe disaster.

Oct 11, 1944
Receiving fuel in heavy seas from the tanker USS Mississinewa AO 59.
Water breaking on well deck of tanker.
                                        Nov 20, 1944
Tanker later sunk at Ulithi by Kaiten (midget submarine).
Sept 28, 1944
USS Calahan DD 658, delivering a medical case stretcher and patient to CVL 22. Midships view.
October 43

Captain Johnson addresses crew. . .
This is during the approach to Wake Island attack in Oct, 1943. Ensign Reece ("Porky"), assistant Ordnance Officer is sitting on the edge of the notorious bomb magazine elevator. This was known to all Airman Ordnance Men as the "Glory Hole". It was part of the jury rigged make-up of the Independence. The sailors aft of the F6F Hellcat are AOM's.


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