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Crew of Grumman TBF Torpedo Bomber, Patty-Mae.
Left-Hardwick (gunner), center-Dewis (Pilot), right-Barnes radio & radar operator.
Photo courtesy S. E. Hardwick.
Torpedo pilots, Night Air Group CVLG(N)41.
From left in front are: "Jug" Williams, F. M. Archer, J. Taylor, Jack Dewis and R. M. Hobson. In back are C. Colburn Hardy, Robert Campaigne, Mac McNair, W. R. "Reb" Taylor (killed in action), Bill Phelps, Don Linton and Dr. Milton F. Popp.

Photo courtesy S. E. Hardwick.
Torpedo air crewman Night Air Group CVLG(N) 41
Grumman TBF Avenger in background.
S E Hardwick front second left,   Barnes front third left.

Courtesy of S. E. Hardwick.
Crew of Grumman TBF Torpedo Bomber.
Catholic Chaplain, Father Donald F Kelly, first Chaplain aboard the USS Independence CVL 22. He was always for the good of the enlisted man. He called himself The Padre, or Father, or "Bum Dope", or just Kelly.
He wrote many pages of advice and encouragement to the crewman from his office which he called "Gossip From the Pool Hall".
Church services on the hangar deck.
Church services on the hangar deck.

Father Kelly officiating at a Catholic Mass.

Christmas Day, 1943.


Catholic Mass , Altar server Harry G Scheier.
Father Kelly giving a sermon.


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