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July 1944
Captain Johnson passing out citations from Admiral Montgomery at Ford Island.

July 1944
Captain Johnson passing out citations.

Captain Johnson congratulating.



Congratulating a shipmate.

Here is a bit of WWII era trivia. Notice how all the sailors pants have the crease on the side of the leg, and are folded to the inside. In boot camp, we learned to wash them by hand, hang them up to dry, turn them inside out, put them under our mattress overnight to press them, then roll them up real tight and put them in our sea bags. No one forgets that important part of being a sailor.
July 1944 passing out citations.
July 1944 Inspection.
Ceremonies when crossing the equator. Sailors and Marines alike participated in the ceremony, promoting the team spirit and sense of tradition for which the Independence is already well known. Crossing the line ceremonies date back to before the middle ages and are based on the mythological gods of the sea, King Neptune. Sailors of old feared the seas and to appease the king, paid their respects. Those who have crossed the line are called Sons of Neptune or "Shellbacks". Those who have not are referred to as "Pollywogs" and must prove to King Neptune that they are worthy to sail in his realm.
Ceremonies crossing the equator.
Ceremonies crossing the equator.


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