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Complete Speaker repair and reconing too! I am the only Arkansas member of the PLRA.
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Hand wired, all tube amplifiers. Tone so amazing we call our first model:
DaShit 18
cuz it is!
Kellirae &
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or Things I wish someone told
me when I started

A 2- DVD set (nearly 2 hours!) for all of you beginning to learn about tube amps! CLICK on
Product Info at right,  for more information!

We could've already saved a fellow Ebayer nearly $3000. He got ripped off by not knowing how to DEFINITIVELY date a vintage Fender Amp.

Just a portion of what you'll learn in this tour of a classic vintage TUBE amp.

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$39.95 (plus shipping)

Order our
3 Knob Reverb Trick for two channel Fender Reverb amps ! VERY COOL and completely reversible. Get control of your Reverb.

$20.00 (Delivered USA)

Our re-issue of the Ice Cube Sustain Coupler -  our
ICE BOX Sustainer!
for two channel Fender Reverb amps

$32.00 (Delivered USA)

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Small Box Head!
We are now the EXCLUSIVE Arkansas Dealer for Alden Guitars USA
Alden guitars are the result of a collaboration between UK guitar guru Alan Entwhistle and one of Korea’s leading guitar companies. Alan has been involved in guitar design since the early 60’s and his wealth of experience is showcased perfectly in the Alden range.  Alden guitars are inspired by classic instruments of the last 5 decades though thanks to Alan’s creative design input none could be even remotely described as “copies”  All feature top quality hardware, Entwhistle designed pickups, premium materials, and superb construction supervised by the man himself!

More Models COMING SOON!
We are Now a FULL-LINE Musical instrument supplier. Email us about our  used Taylors on
hand, Ibanez, G & L, Austin, VOX, Marshall. A complete line of BOOKS for students and
TEACHERS and all accessories too!
As this site is under constant change - check back often or just email us!
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Blues Line (Abalone) Guitar Features:
Abalone Shell Top
Nickel hardware
Rosewood fingerboard and mahogany neck
mahogany body abalone top
two covered humbuckers
tune-o-matic bridge
2 volume, 2 tone,
1 3-way switch
Color: varies by instrument  


TV Cruiser ZE (Metal Disc)

Guitar Features:
Mahogany set neck, body
Rosewood fingerboard.
Gloss black with machine engraved aluminum disc front. 3 Entwhistle humbuckers, 3 volume, 1 Master Volume, 5-way switch, 24 fret.



Blues Line ZE-Engraved aluminum top Guitar Features:

Blues Line ZE-Engraved aluminum top
Mahogany body
Bound mahogany set neck, 2 Entwhistle designed pickups, Tune-o-matic bridge

Rosewood fingerboard w/diamond inlays



Blues Line Flower Top

Guitar Features:

Inlaid Abalone Top
Mahogany set neck body
Rosewood fingerboard.
Satin Chrome hardware
2 Entwhistle humbuckers,
24 fret.



Remember these? Long ago discontinued - FENDER licensed product - The Riff Jammer -

Mini reproduction Goldtop Strat with amp and stand. Plays short riffs. Kinda cool for the kid in all guitar collectors!

$20.00 (delivered USA)
You can leave your guitars laying around anywhere for babies, kids, burglars??
or you can hang 'em out of the way of harm or theft. HANG 'EM in the CLOSET!
(OK, OK we have it pictured hangin' from a shower curtain rod... but you can hang 'em there too!) Useful little bugger, either way!
Free delivery with orders of 3 or more (USA)

$10.00 each
EXCLUSIVE Recycled Sound Products
Wanna be able to get those old guitars out from under someones bed? Put a Hitchhiker Ad on your vehicles. It's advertising to a "captured audience".
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