My first pictures with my Hit camera

These were taken on Kodak Double-X movie film and processed in HC-110. I then scanned 5 X 7 inch prints to post here. They are much more grainy than I remember my previous results on this film as being.

I think I'm going to try Kodak microfilm next. I think people are rating it around ASA 100 while I have been rating the Fuji as ASA 50.

This is what my Hit camera looks like.

This is my office building on the ACXIOM campus.

This is the center of the front of my house. (I'm having trouble telling exactly what's going to be in the photograph. I think it might actually take less than it shows in the viewfinder) I aso have some severe scratches on this frame.

This is the cubicle across from mine. I took about a 1-second time exposure.