My family says that, "Marcia is happiest when she has a paint brush in her hand." Painting is my hobby. My favorite subjects are santas, angels, stroke roses and painted lace. I like to paint on wood and some glass.

I teach beginner and intermediate classes in Conway, Arkansas, USA. It is my goal to help my students learn techniques that can be applied to lots of painting projects. For information on these classes, email me at I am always happy to have new "Paint'in Pals" as we say in Arkansas.

I have had the pleasure of taking classes by decorative artists such as Delane Lange, Ronnie Bringle, Charles Johnson, Pat Clarke, Della Wetterman, Jane Mayberry, Jillybean Fitzhenry, Nancy Lenski, Phillip Myer, Noreen Burgess, Lynne Deptula, Judy Diephouse, Jill McFarlane, Gayle Oram, Brenda Stewart, Sandy Aubuchon, Diane Bantz, Peggy Caldwell, Janet Riegel, Donna Dewberry, Ruth Van Til, Noreen Burgess, Nancy Genetti, Jill Botts and others. Each of these artists have influenced my painting. Take a look at a few of my pieces inspired by some of these decorative artists.

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I became interested in decorative painting in the 80's. I would see things at local craft fairs and, "wish I could do that..." In the early '90's, I attended local classes in my home town. I stumbled upon a Helen Cavin Seminar in Little Rock at a local tole shop. I met other painters there and learned of other painting opportunities. Eventually I learned about the Society of Decorative Painters and have learned a great deal in local chapter participation.

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I find there is a real need to network with other decorative painters in Arkansas and the surrounding area. I would enjoy attending seminars and/or workshops in and around Arkansas. If you teach classes or would like to become involved in some of the activities I am involved in, e-mail me at

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